M-Assistant 2.0 for Windows 10


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Application of PIM (Personal Information Management) for managing a fast and effective way of personal information. Features: -Terminarz/Kalendarz -The countdown days to a specific date you have been waiting -Notes text to quickly capture important information, links, etc. -Notes image for saving images, np.Screenów. Budget-month-helps to control income and manure, and budgeting. YouTube-finder-watching YouTube videos and the ability to save a favorite. -Alarm - Indicates that the event when the specified time arrives. -Feed-Reader RSS feeds. -Loan Calculator - Give interest rate, the time and the amount and type of data zystkujesz if you pay the bank for interest, monthly payment and amortization. Automatic switch-computer - Turn off your computer at any given time. -Avatar-avatar can be set on the main tab. Choosing from several.